Challenge of compliance:

As the regulatory landscape becomes more complex and regulatory agencies become more pervasive, risks associated with non-compliance grow more costly. The real challenge lies not in achieving compliance, but in sustaining compliance with pen and ink.

IT Asset management

Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory mandates are forcing a growing number of companies to place greater emphasis on IT asset-management functions.

Certify Internal Controls:

Section 404 under Sarbanes-Oxley mandates that management directly certify the system of internal controls, and (based on related SEC rules) disclose the framework it is using to assess the accuracy of internal controls. that can potentially affect financial information and reporting.

Mitigate the risk:

Nucleus Technology can help to reduce the risk of non-compliance by

Instituting a consistent operations framework, demonstrating compliance and fully documenting all changes to application programs and source code that could potentially affect the outcome of an audit.

Implementing internal controls and accurate, up-to-date documentation, that is clearly accessible by management and all affected employees.

Demonstrating that relevant policies and procedures are in place, by putting them under strict management controls.

Demonstrating that policies and procedures have been communicated, by making them electronically accessible, tracking who has read and acknowledged them, and by notifying personnel of any changes.

Demonstrating that policies and procedures are consistently followed, by tracking employee certifications that policies and procedures are being followed, and by capturing checklists, approvals and signoffs in collaborative electronic documents.

Automating the process of compliance reporting.

E-mail retention:

E-mail management solutions from Binary Star, support both internal and web-based messaging and communications. Host system consolidation ensures that emails are retained according to regulations, while eliminating threats of email security on the desktop.

Facilitate compliance:

Effective security, change and access controls, software library and life-cycle controls, messaging, e-mail and document retention controls, audit trails and automated reporting facilities from BinaryStar facilitate regulatory compliance.

  Our Credentials

    On-line, real-time, 24x7

    Architecture and development of high availability systems that are on-line 24x7. Cloud client and host-based enterprise service applications.

    Database Integration

    MS/SQL, Progress, mySQL, DB2, Oracle, Relational, ISAM, Multi-dimensional, Pick/U2, noSQL

    Web server integration

    AJAX, HTML, Java Script, Java, CSS, Apache, IIS

    Operating system Support

    AIX, unix/linux and Windows in distributed, multi-tier client-server environments


    Communications protocols include Asynch, ASCII, 3270, TCP/IP, SSH, Kermit, FTP, SFTP, DHCP, DNS, PTP, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP and others. Encryption supported.

    XML messaging as well as Health Industry formats including NCPDP, X12, HL7 and others.

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